A Calma Carnaval In Salir

Faces of Carnaval Salir 2012

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Since we are full time villagers, carnaval this year  we wanted to festa with our neighbors. We knew it would not be like our first carnaval in Nazaré. That was madness and mass revelry from dusk to dusk. 

Carnaval traditionally begins with the the crianças (children) parade. Friday our village crianças were in their costumes, hand in hand dancing excitedly through the village. I’m not certain if it was because it was carnaval until Ash Wednesday,  or the fact they didn’t have school for the next week, probably both.

The citizen was going to be part of the entertainment , so with the guitars in hand we strolled up the two blocks to Asia Bar, we were a bit nervous, but we would probably know everyone there, just like every other weekend, so there really was nothing to be nervous about.

We were underdressed. I did not, because of the costumes know who was who. And even the club was changed. Balloon and streamers everywhere, tables and chairs pushed back for dancing. And everybody danced! Conga lines snaked around the pillars growing longer until the everyone in the bar was one big conga line. Rabbits danced with sailors. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz slammed Sagres mini’s (little bottles of beers) with Little Red Riding Hood.

Strange things happen during carnaval


The music was as mixed as the people, pop. karaoke, live bands, the citizen looking like a Portuguese cowboy played and sang songs from the Portuguese revolution, in Portuguese of course. Whatever was going on, everybody loved it . By dawn, the citizens of Salir, looking a bit ragged crawled out of the bar for a day of rest, Monday night we were going to do it all over again. But, with different costumes.

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  1. Mrs. Keith Olbermann

    Dear Constance!

    Mrs. Olbermann misses you so much. Enjoyed our last chat immensely, and was later that same evening sitting quietly in my little chair, watching the news (my Keith, of course), when lo and behold, found myself thinking of “Tongue Puppet Theater.” Burst out laughing outloud. Had to first find it in my vast array of pics and things. Some of us got to view it again. Still as classically hysterical as ever. What a show. PS, you’ll be happy to know I’ve left “spooksville”. My love to you and the citizen,


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