Batteries Not Included….by Gidget

On a particularly beautiful day, Gidget, Constance, and The Citizen take the bus to Caldas da Rainha.

The citizen guides us through beautiful parks, an old church which dates back to the 14th century, and a ceramics museum. Then a sumptuous brunch al fresco. Now, my favorite thing, shopping.  I am in the middle of the Praça da Fruta, the city fresh market.  A huge, town-square array of fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and nuts just about as far as the eye can see. We look around, taking it all in. Open every day except Christmas, and the produce sections of U.S. supermarkets look very, very sad in comparison.  I am in love with this abundance of fresh fruit and veggies.  One catches my eye.

A Short, But Healthy Love Affair

Do they grow ’em big in Portugal!   Case in point, the carrots!    My FB friend George Takai would say: “ohhhhh My!” I see one, it’s calling my name. “We’ll hellooo, senhor carrot!” As I, Gidget ponders all the possibilities, The senhor whispers sweet nothing’s. Love has entered the air….or at least lust.

I fantasize about senhor carrot until his untimely death earlier this evening.  The citizen was making sopa (soup) for dinner. “Whack” went a giant knife on the chopping block. “meu amor O” screamed senhor carrot. In a panic, I run into the kitchen, just in time to see “the good part” descend into a giant pot. Oh the sadness of a tragic love lost.

A Noble Death


However, mourning period is brief, as The Citizen proudly puts a beautiful bowl of Senor Carrot Sopa in front of me, still grieving, Ummmm. Fantastica!   Well, it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but having senhor carrot inside me is magnificent.

I shall miss you, senhor carrot!  But I will see you soon.

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