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View from a couch, Obidos Lagoa, Portugal


In 2010 I sold everything and left the U.S.A.

Life in the States was too fast and too violent.  It seemed the bad guys were winning.    The Citizen (aka Kevin 12 String), and I choose Portugal as our home in the E.U.  First, we lived in the tiny village of Salir do Porto.  Imagine living in place where centuries old ruins are commonplace, going to the fresh spring with magical healing properties  is normal.   So was finding a stray sheep in  town. Great people, beaches, food and festas.

After a quiet 3 years we headed south and now live in the southwestern Algarve city of Lagos.  Where the great navigators of Portugal sailed the world from it’s docks now tourists flock for laid back holidays on stunning beaches.  It’s a great town.

Now, because of a very unfortunate three years of hospitals and surgeries I do not have a left hip.  This is called a Girdlestone procedure, it’s used as a last resort with severe “super-bug” infections. With my big burro (a mobility scooter) and my little burro (a wheely walker) and lot’s of help from The Citizen I have been to Lisbon, Seville, London and Devon.  More important, I can clean and cook…and shop!

Monet's Water Lillies as seen from a scooter.

Monet’s Water Lilys as seen from a scooter.  Visiting the Tate Modern in London.

So, the adventure continues.



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  1. Connie , Is this you ? We still have the Connie doll that you left as an anchor to return to Portland. We are still here in hip land. It is a mecca for twenty somethings who have watched Portlandia and come to be baristas. We have had some bumps along the way too. Don got brain cancer this year and had two strokes. We instantly retired and as Don says, it is Purgatory with snacks. I miss your humor . Write if this is really our old Portland buddy. Love, Wendie and Don

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