Gidget invades Salir…guest blogger

My amiga from the tiny hamlet by the sea on the southeast coast of Florida is visiting.  I noticed her e-mails were epic so she has been recuited as guest blogger for the two weeks will be Portuguese.  Enjoy Salir and Portugal from Gidget’s brain!



A Broad abroad

Gidget has arrived in Portugal!   Con-World has been taken over by Gidget’s reality, sit back An Adventure Abroad readers .Me, the blonde is writing what really happens in Salir for the next two weeks. I am on vacation in Salir.

After 2 days of never-ending coach flights (Orlando via Detroit via Amsterdam) I reach Lisbon.  With the wobbly cart packed with my matching pink luggage I passed the last tests and get through the sliding doors expecting Constance screeching “Bejhinos Gidget!”  Nothing…Great, what a letdown.


Finally, I spot her and and jump up and attack from behind.  Girlfriend sounds squeal resound the halls, we make our way to the taxi.  In Salir, I see my little apartment and meet Emma, the landlady who speaks English (not always a good thing, she likes to speak it at length and I am NOT on Portuguese time, I would like to leave my apartment now).  Constance and I head down the hill, a huge hill for a Florida girl to Santa Teresinha’s refuge and lounge,known as my host’s casa.

The dining room


Fine Dining at S Tereinha's


I love their apartamento!   Chilled vinho branco, waiting (white wine), and an incredible terrace with a postcard view of São Martinho do Porto Bay.  The party is on!  The citizen is in charge of the sound, as the vinho is poured and many toasts to old friends in old countries are drunk.  Dinner devoured , fresh salmon from the “fish truck” with fresh Portuguese broccoli and potatoes from the farm across the railroad tracks, restaurant quality from the casa kitchen.  Are these the same people that left Florida 2 years ago?


Then, even though I have been traveling for two days, we are far from done.  On to Lua de Predra (means moon rock) for Johnny Guitar’s set.  All of the ex-pat’s from “little UK” are way ahead of us and partying like the Irish (which some are).  We sit in the restaurant’s  “Jardin des Ideas” (the patio), lots of meeting new people, more wine, music, singing and dancing.  Maria, the owner greets me like a sister.  Constance says she likes me and that is very, very good.


We always have a reservation at Lua's

After Lua begins to wind down we move across the alley to the Asia Bar.   Now, I read these stories in An Adventure Abroad and have read all about these places, so seeing them is a riot!  You have to be here.  More music, more people, more vinho.  What a first day in Portugal!  Gidget has arrived in Salir and I am in my element.  I hear the church bells ringing 4 gongs and it is time to get some sleep.  The Citizen and Constance escort me to my new digs and I am asleep before my head hits the pillow…..

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  1. Perfecto !!
    Not portaguese, Italian. Hey, the best i can do ~!

  2. Terrific!
    I bet I know who those long emails were for….

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