I Broke My Arm

This ia just one of my favorite slings

This is just one of my favorite slings

The best month in Lagos has to be September.  It is still hot enough to beach hop, and we have room to spread out our towels on the miles of sand.  No more fears of being run over by an overexcited college kid hopped up on whatever shots were lined up on the bar at lunch (or breakfast).

Yes, September has been the month I have been waiting for all summer and I have broken my arm.  One slip down my steps, a crack…tried to ice it away but no luck.  The next morning I took a trip to the Urgencia (Emergency Room), my arm gently cradled as I sat on the bus.  It wasn’t broken enough to warrant a ten euro taxi fare.   Our Lagos hospital is small, if anything really bad happened you are whisked off to neighboring Portimão for treatment.

The waiting room was a miniature European Union, I heard Dutch, British (well that is speaking English but with so many accents!), German, French and even a vacationing Portuguese, most with some sand trailing behind (the hospital is steps from the city beach).  The clerk impressed me with her ability to rapidly switch languages and dispatch the badly injured (bleeding) from the mildly inconvenienced.  My pouco Portuguese language skills, plus my all important official paperwork  landed me semi-urgent status in the form of a green paper bracelet, soon I was sitting across from a doctor who gently poked at different spots on my arm.

Two X-Rays, the doctor giving me a detailed explanation of my condition complete with a sketch, a nice wrapping job, medication and instructions for 21 days of “restivo”…in other words, my September has now become a “let’s just look at the beach” month.  But, and this is a big deal if you come from the United States like I do, all of that medical care only cost 19.50 Euros ($25.95 as of today’s exchange rate).  The pain medication at the pharmacy was about 1.40 Euros or $1.86.

My arm hurts and I feel stupid because I do tend to fall down more than most people.  But all in all, it’s not so bad,  I have a good use for my lovely scarves that have been hanging up feeling neglected during these warm days.  They make very stylish slings, all colors;  peach, green, red and just about any combination of stripes and checks that go with everything. I have even gotten compliments on the white lace scarf that an edging of small pom-poms and two cloth roses.

I don’t care if it breaks those silly fashion rules, I am wearing my white scarf after Labor Day.







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  1. Constance! My dear friend! I can so relate to your hijinks falling down. I remember the swan dive off the train in Obidos like it was yesterday. Then there was the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” fall in the parking lot of The Cold Keg. Ah, my kindred spirit. Sending you much love and healing thoughts as you continue your “restivo” looking out at the beach. My only regret is your lovely scarf we lost in Paris which could be so fashionable and useful right now. Love you!!!

  2. So sorry about your fall, Con! Enjoy the restivo. How are you using the computer? Isn’t that forbidden? Best wishes to you & the Citizen!!


  3. Gosh ! it looks like everyone I know is breaking arms these days !
    Constance I’m sorry to read you have broken your arm too, sending positive thoughts your way.
    Don’t be desmayed, looking out at the beach enjoying the sunshine with a nice drink by your side is not that bad !
    By the way, love your scarf
    maria jorge

  4. I love your sling! It’s beautiful. That being said, I’m so sorry to hear that you broke your arm, especially at this time of year. Colombia has cheap health insurance (relative to US prices) and so it’s nice not to pay so much to go to the doc. But wow, Portugal has us beat by a mile when it comes to prescriptions. In Colombia, top-of-the-line medicine costs basically the same as in the U.S., and there’s no insurance for it. Ouch! Here’s hoping you will feel better soon.

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