Kill Pages

They did resurrect in less time than some deities.

My empire was killed by a virus yesterday.  Not this site, but my e-mails and another site because I use Go Daddy.



I have always had mixed feelings about the Big GB, the owner likes to shoot cute wild large furry animals in Africa for fun and some of the reps have been, well, a bit over-zealous in their sales techniques.  Overall when I have had a problem, with enough calls I have received good service and if you watch them like a hawk, at a decent price.


Even though I was inconvienced, it felt like I was a part of Occupy Go Daddy.  I am proud I was off line because it probably gave Bob Parsons a major headache.   It made me feel better about doing business with a company that is run by a bad man who seems  the opposite of Richard Branson.  Sir Richard is my person pin up businessperson, I tweet him to ask him to buy TAP, the Portuguese airline, that would be so great.

So Bob, leave the creatures great and small alone.  I would like to be able to stay on line.   Maybe save a rain forest instead.


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  1. Mrs. Keith Olbermann

    Constance, Mrs. Olbermann here. I do hope that your virus does not wipe out any of The Blonde’s travel arrangements. I will contact her to send more info to you. She might get a little nervous when she hears about your lost emails…..
    I hear her trip is coming VERY SOON to Salir!!!!!

    Much Love,

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