My Enchanted Forest

Where my mind can hike about


It’s been a tough winter, not much adventuring.

Just before Christmas, a chair wasn’t where it was supposed to be and boom. There I was, confused on the cold hard tile of the terraco. That started the long limp. Then a month ago I tripped over a tiny curb in Caldas da Rainha and flew across the pavement. When I landed at least 15 of people were there helping me.

So all winter I have been on the bench, a padded bench taking pills and struggling with a cane. I did buy a pretty cane, but no bikes or hikes or even overnights to fun places. So what does the citizen do? He made me my own little garden for my mind to wander in since my feet can’t.

He bought a packet of wildflower seeds and spread them in a planter. Now I have, on the terraco, my own magic forest. Butterflies and bumblebees land on the flowers, moving across the tiny Lilliputian landscape tasting them, I hope they are enjoying my magic forest as much as I am. Each morning my I take my coffee and I go out and visit more than ready for little imaginary strolls in my mind under a canopy of purple and white flowers. I set down my cane and look for new blooms and talk to the yellow butterfly.

Great adventures are not always big journeys, one of the most special adventures for me this winter has been right under my nose since those tiny seeds began spouting in a little green planter we found.

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  1. You are a true adventurer, never letting anything stop you from enjoying your surroundungs! BRAVO

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