Paris Is Not Just For Lovers

Gidget’s Salir vacation was over.   Her airline ticket back to the U.S. had  her stuck in the Paris airport for ten hours waiting for a connecting flight. Horrible!  Brilliantly, she suggested I come with her to Paris and  spend three days of glorious grrrl time, with a bit of art thrown in.


Just imagine the fun we would have creating a bit of havoc in the city of lights. Quickly I booked my flights, she changed hers, passports in hand we headed off for adventure. The citizen, relieved to have a few days of peace and quiet sent us off to the airport with a big smile.

LouLou, Gidget’s cousin picked us up the first night and took us on a whirlwind tour of monuments.  We went to a small out of the way restaurant  named “Nos Ancentres Las Gaulois” (   It was beautiful, very quaint and full of meat!  Salted meats, pates, beef, lamb, duck…heaven. Plus they served as much wine from the barrel as you could drink.

Barely able to walk, being so stuffed with great food and wine, LouLou tried to make  us run to the Baton Mouche (river boat),station., we caught the last one for a tour down the Seine  just in the nick of time..  Sitting back, looking up at Paris bathed in light was breathtaking, of course I was still panting from our run to get to the boat.


The next day, after visiting my favorite saint, Joan of course at the Notre Dame Cathedral,  I grabbed a bicycle cab so we could travel to Champs-Elysees avenue in style.  I sang  a few verses of “I Love Paris”, shouted compliments at people on the ruas, then  I spy the tents of Fashion Week!  , I direct the driver to the tents, as we weave among them I am yelling “where is my tent, I am late for the plus-size show!”  Fashionistas are gaping in horror and Gidget is trying to hide while laughing so hard she was gasping for air.  Grabbing my breasts I shouted “I need my fitters!  These two will take time!”


Beware drivers!

Finally at the Champs, we drink one glass of 10 Euro wine, look around and decide this was an over rated rua.  Besides, we have a dinner date with Gidget’s family.  Turns out she has a whole entire branch of her family that live in Paris. They invited us to the matriarch’s apartment for  a reunion dinner.  I am thrilled; the best way to see a place is from the inside of someone’s home.

We dash back up toward the Louvre in time to find a decent café with decent wine prices, plus we are able to buy hostess gifts. What a beautiful apartment and a wonderful family.   Gidget’s family embrace her with unconditional love.  The food was magnificent; they accepted me as one of them.  I could become a Parisian if I was allowed to be a Sakal.  Photo albums came out and were poured over by the family until the wee hours when it was finally time to return to our hotel.


My new Parisian family

My favorite Saint

The Orsay has always been my museum of  choice while in Paris.  Not to dis the Louvre, but, Impressionists versus old dusty Renaissance.  You may want to hurt me, but Mona Lisa is over-rated.  If you have one museum to see, go to the Orsay.  Gidget and I, after a lovely café breakfast wandered across the Seine to see my favorite Degas ballerina with her battered tulle skirt. The enormous La Trecs that always make me wonder how someone so short could make painting so large. And of course, the obligatory American tourist who said, while I was looking at Monet’s Water Lilies “I could do that”.  (I was good and did not cause him bodily injury).


Sadly it was time for Gidget and I to part ways. She flew back home to save the US from Romney, me to my tiny village to see my chickens.  But to quote Bogie in Casablanca, “the problems of two people (well three in the movie) may amount to a hill of beans, but, we’ll always have Paris”

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  1. Mrs. Keith Olbermann

    Ah, Constance, so nice to see you’ve taken the blog back from Gidget (although she insists she has written more). She is back in the US, causing the usual trouble she normally does. All she can talk about is her trip to Salir, Lisboa, and Paris. Quite frankly, please take her back, we are very jealous and tired of her saying “hey, want to see some pictures???”

    Love you as always,

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