Camera In My Pocket

If I am packing for Paris or just off  to the market, my camera is always in my pocket.  Changing my life also changed how I see my world.  

Lagos, Portugal

 Jaw dropping historic events were launched from the equally jaw dropping beautiful beaches.  Enjoy wine or coffee on cobblestoned sidewalk cafés while listening to great live music by a local busker.  Amazing place for a vacation,  somehow I got lucky and can call it home

Salir do Porto…and the Silver Coast

A tiny village an hour and a half north of Lisbon, Salir do Porto was my first Portugal home.  A place so small you had the shepherd’s cell phone number to call him when one of his sheep wandered off into the village.  Remote, with a brutal beauty of huge waves crashing against cliffs, our village was sheltered on the shores of the only natural cove on the coast.  After almost 3 years, the bone chilling fog drove us south to seek a more temperate climate.  I still miss the tiny little village where I felt like everyone’s eccentric  American cousin, in Portugal the colder the climate, the warmer the hearts.


































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