The Lagos Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

T’was only days before Christmas, but the gift list is still full, stay away from the crowded chain stores.  Go to historic Lagos and enjoy little shops filled with local goodies for everyone on your list. 

The holidays are the best time to drink local wine with a tuna capriccio.  To snuggle in warm shawls woven from friendly Portuguese sheep, buy fun bags and baskets, delicate lace and embroidery.  Then enjoy a hot chocolate with pasteis de nata under the winter sun on a sidewalk terrace. 

If you’re living or visiting in Lagos, have a Portuguese Christmas.  These three shops carry only items made in Portugal.  I have been to each of them, they all have something I would love to find in my stocking.   All located in historic Centro, just blocks from each other. 

Have fun!  Shop local in Lagos for your last minute Christmas gifts!

Lagos Tourist Center, Lagos Portugal

Anything you need to know about Lagos and the Algarve, and shopping!

Lagos Tourist Office  Rua Vasco da Gama (S. João), 8600-722 Lagos Directly next to the police station on the main placa.  Tel:   282 763 031 Open Mon-Sat.  9:30am-12:30pm then 14:00-17:30

The Lagos tourist office is a wealth of information with great free brochures and maps of everything Lagos, plus nature maps of the Algarve.  It also has an enormous selection of Portuguese made products for sale, from books to olive oil and even local organic wine. English is spoken. 

Tees and Totes for sale at the Lagos Tourist Center

Buy Made In Portugal Tees and Totes at the Lagos Tourist Center

What to buy:  Cookbooks, Photo books, Tour and trail books (in several languages). Great Tee-Shirts and Totes with hip designs.

What to Avoid:  Nothing, I am longing for a couple of the books I saw.

For more information on the Algarve go to the official website:

Everything tastes great and made in Portugal at Maria do Mar, Lagos Portugal

One stop shopping for yummy Portugese treats at Maria do Mar

Maria do Mar  Canned Fish and Tasting                         Two Locations:          In Lagos:  Rua Conselheiro Joaquim Machado, 21    8600-862 Lagos                      Tel 926 555 896         In Portimão:  Rua Direcita, 89 8500-626 Portimão               Tel 282 094 104

Shelves on canned fish at Maria do Mar Lagos Portugal

So many choices

It took  me almost a year to find this beautiful shop filled with one of my favorite snacks, tinned fish.  Sardines, Mackerel, Octopus and Tuna, all canned in every flavor I wished for, and some flavors I never dreamed of.   Each item is pure Portugal. English is spoken.

What to buy:      Everything!  Their specialties include;  Sardine roe, caught only in November and December.   Dried Tuna.  Think capriccio, but with thinly sliced tuna, amazing.

Gift baskets  filled with local wine, Algarve sea salt and a variety of fish.                               Shipping available            Closed January and February

For more information e-mail for click on their  sites:            

Saudade Gift Shop, Lagos Portugal

Saudade, buy real Portugal in Historic Centro Lagos

Saudade Gift Shop     Rua 25 de Abril, 77   8600-723 Lagos

Located on the busiest street in Centro, Suadade offers a diverse selection of Portuguese products, from woven baskets to high end collectable artisan ceramics by Margarita Gorgulho. Toiletries from Claus of Porto, traditional housewares, toys and exquisite woven throws and other textiles.  Open all year except Feb-March.

Saudade's woven textiles made in Portugal, Lagos Portugal

Perfect for Christmas, a warm thrown to cozy up in.

What to buy:  Soaps by Claus of Porto,  Baskets; all sizes, shapes and price points. Even the post cards are Portuguese made.      It is a four star shop to visit when looking for a great reminder of your Lagos holiday.    English is spoken

   To send an e-mail:



Visit my page “Shop Portugal In Lagos” for markets and shops with products made in Portugal.  If you know of a market or shop, please let me know by e-mail at:  constanceabroad@gmail or leave a message on my page.

Boa Festas! 

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